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I love food of all types. I love eating it, talking about it and preparing it. For the past 15+ years working as a Sushi Chef I found my true passion is in creating simple, fresh, and beautiful sushi.

From developing menu items as the Executive Chef at the Flying Sumo or simply working with the fish at the bar, I have fallen in love with the beautiful and elegant art form that can be enjoyed on so many levels. But Sushi isn't just about the flavors, it’s about the experience, and I want to create an experience tailored just for you and your event.

I work directly with only the best fish and ingredients I can find, and create unique gastronomic experiences for my clients. To see what I am up to now, or to find out about a pop-up dinner follow me on Social Media. If you are interested in creating your own event, contact me and let’s talk about the experience that I can create for you.

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