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Best Out Of The Box Party

I am pretty humbled (I mean excited) to be featured in Salt Lake Magazine’s “Best of the Beehive” issue.  I have been working hard for the past year to get Sushi by Rob up and running, and to be recognized for my contribution feels pretty great.  After decades of working in this market I saw common problems in restaurants from quality-­control to menu repetition and the only way I could serve the type of sushi that thought was worth serving was by becoming a personal sushi chef and caterer.

Now I can personally select each cut of fish and each ingredient that I serve.  I can build a menu that I am proud of, but more importantly, a menu that you will enjoy.  I can have fun with sushi, like my Sushi de Mayo events, or create a time-honored traditional meal.

As a personal sushi chef and caterer I try to make each meal that I serve unique.  From offering a customized menu to creating hands on sushi classes, each client gives me the chance to make dinner special.

You see a picture of me teaching of my friends/clients on page 96 of Salt Lake Magazine’s August 2016 issue.  It’s under the heading “Best Out Of The Box Party”. If you are interested in thinking out of the box for your next party, give me call.  I’d love to create something special just for you.


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